You are invited to visit online chemical engineering calculations website CheCalc.com. Some of the spreadsheet calculations mentioned below have been converted to online format for use on smartphones, handheld devices like tablets.

  • Steam_Properties.xls (460 KB)
    Steam Properties excel spreadsheet calculates steam properties based on IAPWS IF-97 formulation. It also does the condensate flash calculations and calculates the vapor and liquid properties.
  • EOS_Property_Calculation.xls (252 KB)
    Equation of State (EOS) Property Calculation spreadsheed solves cubic equation and calculate Z, molar volume, density, fugacity etc. based on Van-der-Waals, Redlich Kwong (RK), Soave Redlich Kwong (SRK), Peng Robinson (PR) equations.
  • Vapor_Liquid_Vertical_Separator.xls (191 KB)
    Vapor Liquid Vertical Separator spreadsheed does the design sizing and calculation for a vertical gas liquid separator with or without Mesh Pad based on Souders Brown Equation.
  • Multi_Component_Flash.xls (355 KB)
    Multi Component Flash Spreadsheet does the quick Pressure Temperature Flash, Bubble Point and Dew Point Calculations based on Raoult's Law.
  • Mccabe.xls (142 KB)
    Mc-Cabe Thiele Diagram spreadsheet quickly estimates total number of stages and feed stage for binary mixture distillation of known relative volatility for given operating conditions.
  • Shortcut_Heat_Exchanger_Sizing.xls (66 KB)
    Shortcut Heat Exchanger Sizing excel spreadsheet does the quick design of a Heat Exchanger based on the U values available in literature. It calculates LMTD correction factor, number of shells in series and estimates Shell diameter.
  • Packed_Tower_Sizing.xls (350 KB)
    Packed Tower Sizing excel spreadsheet does the hydraulic calculation for a packed column and estimates percent flooding, pressure drop and column diameter using Eckert's Generalized Pressure Drop Correlation (GPDC).
  • Vessel_Sizing_Volume.xls (131 KB)
    Vessel Sizing and Volume Calibration excel spreadsheet does sizing for Horizontal, Vertical vessels with 2:1 Ellipsoidal, Hemispherical and Flat head. It also plots volume calibration charts.
  • Binary_VLE.xls (483 KB)
    Binary Vapor Liquid Equilibrium excel spreadsheet plots Pxy, Txy, xy diagram for large number of Binary mixtures based on Raoult's Law.